On our last album it took us quite some time to arrange the order of the songs. This time it was all different, already when writing the songs we knew the trackposition in the album. BANDBAND has 11 Tracks and a total lenghts of 42 minutes. This is how the tracklist reads:

                                                         01 The Contest
                                                         02 A Trip
                                                         03 Time On Fire
                                                         04 Baltic Sea
                                                         05 Blister
                                                         06 Woody
                                                         07 Shadow Gaps
                                                         08 Policeman
                                                         09 What We Do
                                                         10 Little Sparks (Feat. Teef)
                                                         11 Parfum Brutal – Today (I’M NOT A BAND Remix)


first single will be announced soon!