With their combination of classic violin and electronics, I’m Not A Band attracts one’s focus to the dance-floor, without leaving out the relaxing moments before or after a copious night of partying. After the debut album “Electrolin”, the EP “What We Do”, which followed last summer, and an extensive release-tour, the Berlin duo has released the second album in autumn 2012:

“BANDBAND” connects the big city hectic with the ease and quiet of nature. Coined with live violin recordings, their electronic based arrangements which sometimes sound like French house, disco or rave, and at times even allow a few hip-hop elements to surface, the central thread never goes out of sight. And that is I’m Not A Band. Since November 2013 the band has a new cast. Mony, who studied british flute, has joined the duo and supports Stephan (Violin, Synths, Vocals) with Vocals and flute. and Now the new album is finished and ready to be played. I’m Not A Band want to get out, play live, give their music and feelings to others, go beyond the borders they have already reached, and get to know the world. Of course, also let the world get to know them. With “BAND BAND” and the multiply celebrated live performances, already taking them to places like Milan, Warsaw, and London, the success is hands on.





Infosheet – English

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