With their combination of classic violin and electronics, Stephan Jung alias I’m Not A Band attracts one’s focus to the dance-floor, without leaving out the relaxing moments before or after a copious night of partying. The second album BANDBAND (AdP Records), released in 2012, already has it’s third edition and has been released on vinyl recently. The single “Woody” carves out it’s popularity far beyond the borders and has just been licensed for the polish “Chillout 10 P.M.”-Compilation.

Coined with live violin, their electronic based arrangements sometimes sound like French house, disco or rave, and at times even allow a few minimal and hip-hop elements to surface, the central thread never goes out of sight. And that is I’m Not A Band. Fans from London to Milano to Warsaw and of course fans from Stephan’s hometown Berlin have celebrated the thrilling and versatile live performances over the past five years. The third album is now in progress and first material can be heard already at concerts from now on. Stay tuned!


Infosheet – English