Hello people ;)

We’re currently working on a new live set-up. we’re arranging the songs for the new album and will start rehearsing next week. On stage we’ll only have minor changes. The biggest of which is a new instrument that we built for the song WOODY – therefore we call the instrument WOODYPHONE.
These are the ingredients (keyboard stand, woods, screws etc.) to build the woodyphone plus mallets and it cost us less than 50 Euros:

First of all we needed to make sure that the woods can resonate, so they needed to be attached to the keyboard stand on one side without being too fixed and be elastic on the other side to resonate. We decided to tap screw threads into the stand and apply screws, then isloate the screws and the stand with plastic tubes and foam on one side, tubes and felt on the other side:

The hardest task was to saw the wood sticks to the right length to get the tunes, we wanted. It took quite some time to make them into tune. For best resonating sound the hole in the wood needed to be at exactly 22% of the woods length. It finally took a few hours to polish the woods and make everything look good and after only 2 days the WOODYPHONE was finished:

We only recorded it with a cheap mobile mic, in real it has a much more tonal sound: