Here it is for all of you:
Listen to our first single COLOURS!

Like it, spread it, share it to tell everybody: Fuck racism, refugees are welcome!

We think it’s important to make such an omnipresent problem in society a subject of  music too. Stephan processes his experiences of hate against refugees, the ideology and causes behind this hate. After immense nazi-protests against a new refugees home in Berlin Hellersdorf he founded the society Hellersdorf hilft e.V. collectively with other young people of the district to establish a culture of welcome and to help refugees after their arrival in Berlin. “Colours” is showing that hardly anyone of those, who agitate against refugees knows the destinies and stories these people have to suffer, as little as the valuable experiences we can acquire when opening up to all people – the beauty of this world lies in all colours.

Colours is being released on Jan 30th 2015 and is already being airplayed at various radiostations – you’ll get to listen it this week, promise!

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